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“Did you know that a mattress can double its weight in its lifetime just from dead skin?”

Being the most beautiful place on Earth is not enough, so this is why Blueridge Cleaning Services is here to help. Since 1989, Blueridge Cleaning has been scrubbing down residential and commercial areas in North Vancouver. They have complete house services, ranging from pet-stain and odour removal and wall and ceiling washing to windows, marble, decks, tile, slate and even grout cleaning.

Blueridge Cleaning Services is a family-owned business that works to protect your health and wellbeing through turning your working and living environments into healthy, germ-free, environmentally-safe spaces. Blueridge Cleaning Services is internationally licensed under Hazardous Material Certification and the Institution for Inspection of Cleaning Respiration and Certification (IICRC); they are also qualified to deal with all flood-related situations, back up sewage, biocides, and they always adhere to the strict regulations of Indoor Air Quality Standards (IAQ) and SR500.

Recently, Blueridge Cleaning Services started implementing green products to lower your chemical footprint and to further ensure your air is safe for breathing.

So give them a call for some squeaky clean results!

Due to growing concerns of chemicals used for cleaning, we now offer commercial grade steam cleaning. This equipment provides high pressure, super heated steam (121 psi @ 378 degrees F) to remove impacted grease and soils as well destroying germs and contaminates without the use of biocides. For complete information, go to The Carmen Super Inox is used in situations where occupants are chemically sensitive, have immune system disorders, allergies, asthma etc.

We also offer a new truckmounted high pressure, high heat (1,000 + psi - 230 degree F) water/vacuum (410 CFM) cleaning systems used extensively for carpet and upholstery cleaning. As well as heavy duty cleaning situations where abundant hot water and vacuum capabilities are effective. Quicker drying times for carpet and upholstery has been the result.

On going upgrades in training and certified education programs from IICRC are in effect as our industry continues to change and evolve. Please contact us for further information and details.

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If you are looking for affordable carpet cleaning in North Vancouver or West Vancouver, then give Blueridge Cleaning Services a call. Our team specializes in carpet cleaning in West Vancouver and North Vancouver. Visit for more information about our professional services.

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