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Blueridge Cleaning Services works hard to keep residential and commercial properties in top shape.


Being the most beautiful place on Earth is not enough, so this is why Blueridge Cleaning Services is here to help.


Blueridge Cleaning Services pioneered the "total" professional cleaning concept beginning in 1979. Customers needed a cleaning services company that could clean everything making the scheduling of several companies unnecessary and more cost effective. To this day our family owned and operated business provides the high quality service standards expected by our customers and we continue to improve and expand our skills to meet any situation.

We upgrade our IICRC (Clean Trust) certification regularly (since 1992) to properly maintain the high level of professional standards required in our industry. We ensure proper cleaning procedures and methods are applied to return environments to a healthy and liveable condition as soon as possible. For our current customers they benefit from our knowledge and experience. We maintain their homes and offices in a truly clean and healthy standard. Our many services include

- Home and office cleaning schedules
- Carpet and upholstery cleaning
- Tile and grout cleaning
- Attention to detail and the overall health of the home and family by the use of appropriate cleaning agents, methods, supplies and the use of commercial grade cleaning equipment which is always maintained in aclean and hygenic condition
- Window and glass cleaning
- Extreme cleaning situations (occupant damaged and hoarding situation etc.)

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