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“They call us the invisibles.”

Owner Donna McClain first got her hands dirty in her high school home-ec class. When she finally opened her own company in North Vancouver 20 years ago, the response was exceptionally well. Now, Blueridge Cleaning Services is a reputable business that not only ensures the cleanliness of your home and workspace, but it also makes sure the air you’re breathing is healthy.

Blueridge Cleaning Services is internationally licensed under Hazardous Material Certification and the Institution for Inspection of Cleaning Respiration and Certification (IICRC); they are also qualified to deal with all flood-related situations, back up sewage, biocides, and they always adhere to the Indoor Air Quality Standards (IAQ) and SR500. The team of experts continually attends courses yearly or biyearly so it is always kept up to date with the newest cleaning products and technologies.

 But don’t assume that their chemicals are damaging the environment! Blueridge Cleaning Services is a strong advocate for green products. This way, you can be sure that your house or office is squeaky clean while still doing your part in the environment.  

Give them a call and see what they can do!

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If you are looking for affordable carpet cleaning in North Vancouver or West Vancouver, then give Blueridge Cleaning Services a call. Our team specializes in carpet cleaning in West Vancouver and North Vancouver. Visit for more information about our professional services.

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